Our Story


Rava Life, LLC was founded by David Gentry and Robert Cliatt. They saw a huge demand in CBD, and wanted to have the family jump on board.

“It takes a village” has never been more true. Having a family business has allowed my mom, Tracy, my sister, Lauren, my brother-in-law, Leland, and myself included all come together to jump on board. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle with living the Rava Life way. We aren’t just a plant-based business, we are a business who wants to help others, so they can live better.

Our goals are wanting to grow and reach more lives, so we can help people with all different types of aching, irregular sleep, anxiety, stress, and more.
Family is EVERYTHING for us at Rava Life. For David and Robert, sharing with their families on how to build a business that is based on creating a healthier lifestyle, is the best legacy they can share with family, friends, and the community.